All Things Equal

The doublewing, in its purist form, is an equalizer. It creates an even playing field. It can help a struggling team survive blow-outs, an average team beat superior opponents, or channel a good team’s power into a juggernaut-like force. “All things being equal” is a myth – they are not. If you are like most coaches, your dream of squads of stallions showing up in August never actually materializes. But this is where this offense thrives. You have 11 on your side. And the defense matches that same number. Now, you can spend hours talking about your opponent’s advantages of talent, tradition, money, power, recruitment, equipment, coaching stipends, etc. ad nauseam. But if you took the job with eyes wide open, you are there to win. So your job is to make the most of your 11 boys.
The positive factors of the offense are now legend, but worth a review.

The Doublewing works because:

  • It uses 11 bodies on every play
  • It overloads at the POA (point of attack)
  • It creates a 10 gap front, forcing the defense to widen
  • It has zero space to penetrate (shoe to show)
  • It uses high percentage blocking schemes (angle, chop, kickout, dbl teams)
  • It forces the defense to over commit to stop the power play(s) making it vulnerable to counters and play action
  • It physically beats up the defense (many of whom are 2-way players)
  • It eats clock and moves the chains (keeping the ball)
  • It forces defense into even looks
  • It is very hard to simulate in practice, making it tough to prepare for

So, year in and year out, the Doublewing can be a staple for success. It is the least personnel dependent scheme I have ever seen. However, when that “stallion” shows up, at least at running back, your first downs become touchdowns (faster is funner). If that smart, athletic kid appears – you can now begin to lean more to a play-action, 3-step, roll out scheme that mixes perfectly with the power game. But, if all you get are a bunch of average athletes with middle of the road ability and size, you can still win a ton of games using the Doublewing. With all things equal, your eleven rowing on all the oars has a better than average shot at being competitive every year.

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  1. Last year I coched a team that went 2-7 the year before. We finished 9-2 using the double wing.

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