Clinic DVDs

OPEN HOUSE: Our staff covers everything DOUBLEWING from practice to playcalling-Great visuals(DVD,diagrams, and demos)Now in DVD (5 hours of instruction) $50.00

VETERAN’S SUMMIT: Five veteran coaches representing 5 schools share various aspects of implementing and running the offense – each with a little different twist.$25.00 DVD

INDIVIDUAL DRILLS: Each of our coaches show and share all drills necessary for teaching and perfecting the offense (backs, receivers, O-line) Note: Poor visual quality – priceless info! $25.00 DVD


Coaching Helps

DOUBLEWING PLAY CUT-UPS: A season’s worth of each play cut up in sequential order. A great teaching tool for staff and players. See the plays run versus 10 different teams (with varied defenses). A must for introducing the attack to your team. $35 DVD

STACK-I-HI-LITES: 3 game’s worth of an alternative attack (with very similar philosophy, personnel and technique.) This features one of the best tailbacks in our school’s history. $30 DVD

NIGHTMARE ON DOUBLEWING STREET: A motivational DVD whose main footage comes on a night we gain over 500 yards (on the ground) versus our rival. This is a great way to fire up the boys on this scheme! $30 DVD

THE NEXT LEVEL: A collection of innovative adjustments in Double Wing plays (tweaking the formation, motion, or blocking schemes.) These include screens, draws, bunch pass series to open things up. $20 DVD

Game Film


10 years of running the offense
10 Full games (one from each year)
Each game chosen for its dramatic struggle or number of pts. scored
Fun Facts
403 points scored
40 points average per game
57 touchdowns

Note: A super coach’s learning tool to analyze the Double Wing in game situations. Learn what and when to call. See adjustments and innovations over the decade. See the attack as it is tested over the long haul. New plays, new players, same offense. Study how teams gear up to stop us, forcing us to get better and smarter each year.

The 10 set DVD super pack puts the history of and development of our offense at your fingertips.